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Reply To: Current Favorite Quote


Hi Shaahayda,

I’ll field that question (I just arrived at our Airbnb in Harlem, and am about to go have an “experience,” but thought I would take a minute to check in).

The book has long been out of print. Those prices aren’t Amazon prices – they are third party book sellers Amazon allows on their platform for out-of-print books. The range of prices depends on the condition of the book, so you need to check each individual description. The highest price might be never used like new, and the lowest price might be used and in poor condition. When I’m buying from third party sellers, what I purchase depends on what I’m looking for – if I just want a copy to read and mark up, maybe a low priced used book in good condition will work; if it’s something I want to last forever (like one of Jung’s collected works, or his rare dream seminar volume) I’m willing to pay more for one in better condition.

We have no more control over those prices than what someone at a garage sale charges for a Joseph Campbell volume they own.

However, the Campbell essay that’s in “In All Her Names” is the one on the number of the Goddess in Campbell’s The Mythic Dimension, so if you just want the Joe essay, that’s the volume you want (also available as an Ebook through JCF).