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Reply To: Current Favorite Quote


Hello Stephen,

Enjoy NYC, Harlem, Central Park, Columbia University area, enjoy your tour, tons and tons of history.  So very thankful to you for your response on “In All Her Names”. Not only a dynamite memory that the essay is also in the ‘Mythic Dimension’ which I shall soon purchase, but an awe-inspiring dedication to JCF, and so to Joe. Also, thanks for the explanation that JCF does not control the price of the book, and that it’s the individual sellers on Amazon! It’s indeed THAT one essay that I am interested in.

Again, I am very grateful to you for reaching out. I bought the book — the price ranged from 6.95 to 289.65!! Also, will get the ‘Mythic Dimension’ now. More masterpieces to uncover.

Thank you James for guiding us to the book!

Shaahayda (in gratitude)