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Reply To: In the news


    Not looking to incite a flame war.
    Just found the quote and use interesting .

    I thoroughly enjoy Your insight.
    Seems to me many of our real historic heroic figures fill the template structure of the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53 ???…
    No good deed …
    There are always powers against disruption of the status quo and toppling carts , apple carts orange carts flower carts and others …
    Should be lots of fun to see what happens when dead presidents are gone and cryptocurrency is the coin of the realm ???
    We as a species wrest data information knowledge and wisdom from the unknown through toil trials tribulation sweat tears & hard work…
    It is the beasts of burden that convey the spirit of humanity through spacetime …
    Whether the labor is intellectual or physical all is a work of illumination mining in the niche mountain cave of human experience and existence … it is in this cave that we seek shelter from the Storm … it is from this cave that conditions and environments are born for future generations to flourish in Bloom achieve apotheosis … Through evolution life always finds a niche to exploit and capitalize on …
    All hail