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Reply To: Tangents and Train Trips



    Such a wonderful enchanting life memory !!! Rails played a pivotal part in the growth of my country last century. They are part of the gilded age legacy with many folktales stories and myths attributed to them. I live in SouthFlorida we Had Henry Flagler that built the train tracks to Key West. Lots of romance and tragedy still in the public mind around here about his legacy. Great stories. We have recently completed a new passenger rail line called Brightline that travels from west palm beach to Miami . Lots of fun to ride . They have WiFi drinks and food. Will be adding a leg to Orlando soon. We are trying to green America with mass transit projects. Rails have always been part of the supply chain here. I love watching the freight and passenger trains go by. The main lines are less than a mile from my house.

    I am interested what does R³ mean to you ?