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Reply To: Psyche and Symbol – Mythos I – Campbell, Jung, and the Left Hand Path


    Yes Stephen; I like this resource a lot because just when I get deep into a discussion with someone concerning one of Joseph’s ideas and am having trouble breaking it down to something manageable or relating to several other themes often there is something here that will explain it or make the connection in much simpler terms.

    The one I posted is one of my favorites because it makes the connection to both the Hero and Jungian psychology in an accessible way. It’s a tremendous metaphor for describing the modern individual’s dilemma of navigating a complex world without a losing a sense of self; of going into the Labyrinth without losing that piece of string to find their way out again.

    There is so much good stuff here that often late at night I’ll just pay a visit to find something inspiring to think about before I retire; (and it works really well too).