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Reply To: Psyche and Symbol – Mythos I – Campbell, Jung, and the Left Hand Path


    jamesn, not spect on this topic…

    “…to bring your own personal program into this relationship…” is our personal (heroes) journey indeed. So much we’re priveledged to be aware of this, were the vast majority of mankind endure utter dispair. What bitter fruit hangs from the manmade poplar tree, unsurpassed failure by irrational beasts calling themselves demigods.

    On the same plane, being able to understand the ultimate coincidences happened in ones life and releasing the gains of life and acceptance of the inevitable oblivion, is in direct contrast to and inconceivable for the many of man/womankind. Stuck to hope and old stories told, a promise of better, in subordination to their choosen deamons.

    Every human equipped with two hands, sides, perspectives. Yet so few to grasp any fruit. If at all old enough to reach for this distant star. Autumn thoughts.