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Reply To: Psyche and Symbol – Mythos I – Campbell, Jung, and the Left Hand Path


    Odd to read my critisism of current affairs, politics and social desintegration (avoiding to colour it collapse) is likened as a certain, positive mood. Being from a somewhat political family and education myself (my fathers course and save my own electronic education), gettings these common things in a less fragmented fashion, to ‘solve the puzzle’, is what I consider as my left hand duty to lift it with my right hand. Destruction in ones own interest is the predators habit to rule the increasing emptying land, the barren desert, the wasted land. Creation however, even if initiated by those who prefer to have it as ‘the great miracle’, is of another league. How much effort (&) for what reason, cause or salvation are laborious stones erected, rude or polished, to co-ordinate the actual society to raise from the mud of savage to abundance of aware (sans conjugations)? But this awareness has its price: we are not able yet to raise from the mud enough to be responsible, the now most succesfull species conquering the earth to possess it, to mark us in the landscape, mutulating ourselves in bloody wars, and act and live as sincere concious beings, gazing at the stars we’re made off. The tidal waves of human kind are verocious nibblings and of short swell. Fall is coincidence of fruit and decay – my most favourite season by so bittersweet memories. But due south blossom awakes.

    Let us keep on track with our guiding helmsman JC. What’s in an abbreviation!