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Reply To: Seeking Answers


I also wanted to thank you for recommending David Abram’s book, which I’ve just started reading. Lovely!

And apologize for any lengthiness as small print can be hard to peruse for eyes.

As far as myths in ones own life, Joe Campbell’s reference to experience really hits home.

I feel it especially in Nature, though I’ve had some beautiful human events in my life as well (and sometimes nature has been woven through those)

With Campbell when he mentions the books…it seems he used to reference the Goddess Libera (Roman Goddess? Of reading/knowledge-have to re-check) as a metaphorical inspiration.

Sometimes I think those mythic or transcendent moments just happen.
One can go looking of course but then it’s possible on the way to one journey another one might happen (thinking positive here not scary-)

This is the reason so many people strongly relate to coincidence and synchronicity.

For me nature surprised by way of big black Raven on a trip out west. Though by no means of big mythic proportions.
The big black-winged bird settled into the way I perceived the landscape around me and did awake a little something inside, which opened the way to new adventures. And connection.
And then the doe and fawn who continually visit my yard have pulled me out of the worries of my head back into a balance of heart-mind, where I can just breathe.
From your other posts I know you have felt and had beautiful wildlife experiences too…I know your original question references something not just encompassing wildlife…

(though I wanted to ask if you had ever encountered a moose?)

A dear friend who was the first woman Methodist minister in NC (passed many years ago now) had a saying in one of her books which I really love: my paraphrase: That “ritual was fine, but do not be so concerned with ritual that you cage yourself from “God’s surprise.”
And just from my own experiences it’s in that area of “God’s surprise” (or whatever you wish to call it) where the unexpected and wonderous occurs.

At that threshold the symbols, the connection…the moment of experience opens…maybe to glimmers of the transcendent.
And only you can know what it means in relation to your own journey. And how it connects to Something larger than yourself.
The image comes in focus just like a nebula revealing itself in a telescope lens…

That light has always been there shining down appearing slightly blurry to the naked eye.
Then something as simple and refined as refractor telescope reveals whole new worlds hidden in a clear night sky.