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Reply To: Seeking Answers



You wrote, ” For me nature surprised by way of big black Raven on a trip out west. Though by no means of big mythic proportions. The big black-winged bird settled into the way I perceived the landscape around me and did awake a little something inside, which opened the way to new adventures. And connection.
And then the doe and fawn who continually visit my yard have pulled me out of the worries of my head back into a balance of heart-mind, where I can just breathe.” How lovely, that it did awake something. I think the connection is made with the  need within us which is then met by a response from the wild. For me, one such connection was made a year or two ago, when out of the blue, these birds landed on a dry spot in the lake and danced and danced  to the music.  I am not sure if this video is visible to you, but it does tell a story.

You asked, “(though I wanted to ask if you had ever encountered a moose?) No, unfortunately not, but every year, crows do visit the tree that faces my apartment— about a thousand or more, and they wake up the sleepy population.

Now onto more childhood symbols. But please, if you so feel, I’d love to hear about your childhood symbols, and how you came to connect them with your personal myths.