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Reply To: Seeking Answers



As always you answer all questions, whether basic or not-so-basic, with a detail and attention that’s your hallmark, a labor of love.

Thank you also for sharing your personal journey so honestly and openly.  You wrote, “For me, it was both. Psychedelics – particularly LSD – opened that door. It wasn’t something I did to “party,” but to explore and find out more about myself – the deep Self – a task I approached with discipline and commitment, akin to the decades-long study of my dreams (in the process discovering the amazing resonance between the dream state and the psychedelic state).”

It appears to me that a few who have understood their personal myth have done so through hard work and desire, extreme commitment to exploring their own selves, and also  have done through LSD or Ayahuasca –  Among others,  one example that comes to mind is Mark Harner    – his journey was through ayahuasca, and then he left his academic settings  and started his own training methods and institutions. Yes indeed, what he did with the archetypes, the energies, the images, is to engage with them and watched his personal myth emerge.  Not all are so determined and/or gifted, they just stumble upon it by remaining engaged with the mystery of their own lives.

Thank you Stephen.