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Reply To: Seeking Answers


From a mythic view I might normally guess that “the second best are misunderstood,” might be an example of attempting to “concretize” by perception what cannot be “concretized,” and like Frost it’s the concrete that builds a wall…between neighbors unless the wall becomes a transformed metaphor which could bring neighbors together while they build it. The misunderstanding then is more of a “potential,” energy.

HOWEVER on the human level, if a “pivotal event,” informs one’s  life in a positive way, bringing joy, peace, happiness and inspiration, adventure (without hurting anyone else) then perhaps a misunderstanding occurs as a result of “different definitions” or “different perception of experience.”

I’m familiar with misunderstandings and the tangles which can arise from those. (Sigh) But If someone is coming from the heart or feels something from there—again beyond the words and the surface—

It’s hard to imagine the Joy energy revealed by the catalyst (regardless of the proper definition for the catalyst)

being a second best or something to be discounted. Especially if the joy as often happens is something that spreads and is shared on the path spontaneously with others in a life adventure.

it depends on the circumstance of an individual and that “business” is the individuals own.

the question of a misunderstanding depends on the environment I think.
even IF something was misunderstood is the Misunderstanding a Necessary revelation? Should Joy be less because of this? Just cannot see that!
Perhaps a Catalyst regardless of its proper “definition,” is still a call to adventure.  And it would seem to me to borrow and adapt Gandalf’s quote , “It’s what you do with the time that is given.” (Yes I still work on this one too)

Or the adventure that is given. It’s still your adventure.