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Reply To: Seeking Answers


Dear Sunbug ( I owe you a post  and am still adding and snipping away)  and Mars,

Thank you for your responses. They have been very helpful. Mars, I can very much relate to what you wrote, ”

Your perception of the reality is not the reality, it is only your perception – hence it is not the reality.

…….“a pivotal event…” You could not control it, only lived it. This experience is very common though.”  

Another question, though: Are the second best a reference to that which can not be seen then, that is, when the misunderstanding occurred,  but you say, it’s a pretty common experience, then most humans misunderstand an event, which then becomes a second best thing?

Sunbug, I also  love what you wrote:

the question of a misunderstanding depends on the environment I think.
even IF something was misunderstood is the Misunderstanding a Necessary revelation? Should Joy be less because of this? Just cannot see that!
Perhaps a Catalyst regardless of its proper “definition,” is still a call to adventure.  And it would seem to me to borrow and adapt Gandalf’s quote , “It’s what you do with the time that is given.” (Yes I still work on this one too)

Or the adventure that is given. It’s still your adventure

Simply put, it’s still my adventure, or it’s still my Myth.  It really is, Sunbug, it’s my myth, undoubtedly.

Now onto your next very interesting post.