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Reply To: Seeking Answers


Dear Sunbug,

So much that you have written is close to my heart and close to my understanding. But before, I delve into myths, symbols, metaphors, experiences, unfolding of adventures, only one’s own experience and its meaning in relation to one’s very own journey, and finally the realization that it connects to something larger than oneself.  As part of Joe’s quote reveals, ‘where you thought you were alone, you’ll be with the rest of the world’.

But before I delve into myths, I must say that it was Stephen who recommended David Abram’s book on the forum somewhere, and I then passed it on to you. I love it too, and go to it, from time to time. He recommended another one, it’s called “When Brains Dream”, I got it, and lo and behold, I am glued to it now. Therefore, the other one is on hold, however, I loved reading your review of it.

I am putting my thoughts in a semi-coherent order  on what you wrote,  ” As far as myths in ones own life, Joe Campbell’s reference to experience really hits home. I feel it especially in Nature, though I’ve had some beautiful human events in my life as well (and sometimes nature has been woven through those) With Campbell when he mentions the books…it seems he used to reference the Goddess Libera (Roman Goddess? Of reading/knowledge-have to re-check) as a metaphorical inspiration.” 

Will be back soon, dear Sunbug.