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Reply To: Seeking Answers


The Joseph Campbell line “and where you thought to find an abomination, you will find a god,” reminds me of a Renoir Marie Rilke poem.

It begins “How should we forget the myths at the beginning of all peoples?

Perhaps all the dragons of our lives are princesses waiting to see us once beautiful and brave…”

It is right up Campbell’s alley but for the life of me cannot remember which translation or translator.

As for your symbol/moniker it recalls both the Third Eye (the opening of seeing) and the axis mundi…since you were inspired by the mountain you saw.
Goes along with Campbell’s take on Black Elk too. Or Egyptian connection (Ra/Eye of Horus) that’s up to you what resonates or is yet to resonate. That symbol has a lot of different perceptions.

Your experience of the lanterns in Norway is quite beautiful! How wonderful to see the lake revealed! Then there’s that water and subconscious metaphor too…but to me the poetry of it would be closer to the truth! And you described that beautifully!
It’s like David Abram in the marsh with the fireflies and stars suspended in that state of sensing the sensible!
Also Japanese lantern festivals setting the lights on the water

And Celtic Bonfires: cue Loreena McKennit. (Music)

I will stop this bit and come to childhood symbols in another.