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Reply To: Hello from the field of Myth & Lit


Welcome, Johanna!

Thanks for coming to play with us. This is the Meet & Greet forum, where people new to Conversations of a Higher Order (which at this point is almost everyone) pop in to introduce themselves – which makes yours a perfect post: you tell us what you teach, and then jump right in to what concerns you most

… and, frankly, what you say syncs with my experience.

There are many reasons we study the Humanities – but the one that rings most true for me is these offer a window into ourselves, individually and collective, through the lens of the humanity we all share. Those who teach are tasked with illustrating how these remain relevant for us today (I taught junior high English and Literature – at twelve and thirteen no one is into literature for literature’s sake, so keeping one foot in the real world while we plumbed the realm of imagination proved essential).

So I especially appreciate your interest in looking beyond the surface of this current crisis.

You write

But by extension, i am also interested in how these resonant in our lived experiences and understanding of transcendence , especially as we try to make sense of our current situation in the world. It is important to listen to the scientists and experts that give us information about the particulars of this virus, but beyond all of this is a recognition of something greater at work.

” . . . something greater at work” – yes.

There are some nascent discussions on the coronavirus crisis in one of the forums (Myth in the News, perhaps); you might want to reply to one of those – or perhaps introduce the topic you raise here in The Conversation with a Thousand Faces forum. What that “something greater at work” cries out for further exploration..

Don’t worry if there aren’t immediate replies. Conversations here are leisurely, and can extend over days (or weeks, or more). We move at a slower pace than Facebook and such; sometimes a person needs to let an idea simmer and percolate for a day or two before responding.