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Reply To: Talking with filmmaker Patrick Takaya Solomon about Finding Joe””


Lovely posts, All!

Just thought I’d share a reminder that discussion boards don’t move at the pace of social media; conversations unfold a touch more leisurely here. That’s why we’ve asked Patrick to participate over the course of a week, which gives people time to find the conversation, and Patrick time to do justice to questions and comments (he’ll respond when he has a break in his day).

In the meantime, sure wouldn’t mind if those who haven’t posted before also pop over to our Meet & Greet forum and say hello, perhaps sharing a little bit about yourself and/or how you discovered Joseph Campbell’s work. That both gives other users a chance to welcome you, and makes this forum appear a touch less static (actually, some unexpectedly profound, long-lasting discussions have been generated in that forum – might be worth your time to check a few of those out). Also feel free to take a look at the other forums here in COHO (especially the Conversation with a Thousand Faces forum, near the bottom of COHO’s main page, which is a catch-all category for whatever topics don’t seem to fit anywhere else – there are intriguing threads unspooling on dreams and journaling at the moment, and we’d love for everyone to weigh in on what Myths Everyone Should Know, and add whatever you think has been overlooked).

(And a cheery G’day right back at you, Antoinette! It’s been way too long; much as I’d love hanging out with you in the flesh – I’m waiting till they build a bridge from California to Australia, and then I can just drive across – bumping into you in cyberspace is  better than no contact at all!)