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Reply To: Talking with filmmaker Patrick Takaya Solomon about Finding Joe””


Mary; your moving personal story illustrates Patrick’s themes extremely well! (I looked for your mention of the 4 functions to include them but alas could not find them); but I think these are definitely important points you raise concerning the individual’s continued experience of: “death and rebirth” on living an authentic life throughout their journey instead of just existing within society’s usual roles. To me this “is” the call to adventure; or put another way: “the individual’s response to it”; and the 4 functions that you mentioned Joseph described: the sociological; the cosmological; the metaphysical; and the psychological; are what myths as vehicles serve in helping to integrate and harmonize an individual through the inevitable hurdles they encounter of the various stages and crisis moments of their lives.

Stephen has an interesting thread about a little known work Joseph contributed to: “The Changing Images of Man”; titled: “A  5th function of Myth?”; and actually mentions a 6th and 7th in the “Works of Joseph Campbell” Forum and a link to the listing of it in the Foundation Catalogue if you or anyone is interested.

Saying this I should probably mention at this point that I was trying to stay within the topic of “Finding Joe” as a metaphor of the archetypal element of the “Hero Journey” by introducing Jung’s psychological themes which Joseph emphasized so strongly; and their relevance to this continuing symbol which resonates so consistently throughout the one great 1000 faces story of mankind. But since this is such a large topic I think you are absolutely right that these various features and areas that he also stressed should be included as well.