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Reply To: Talking with filmmaker Patrick Takaya Solomon about Finding Joe””


I would also like to add what I think is a critically important addendum which Mary brought up that I think for many of us resonates quite strongly which has to do with what the individual defines as success. This particular individualized  or personalized interpretation of the individual life story I think has enormous bearings within the “life-story” context; and often presents itself in the later-life moments of change of what I think James Hillman describes as the: (Diamond or Soul’s Code); which like a seed or destiny calling begins to surface if the individual has not answered it’s demands; especially concerning the life path that has previously been chosen. (As Joseph mentions in some of his other Jungian lectures: this is when the “Shadow” aspect begins to surface by knocking under the table demanding to be heard.)

This demanding voice of the psyche may also I think vary greatly depending on whether the marriage; career; or spiritual demands have not been met; or that one has simply not engaged with this deep hunger or echo of the inner life that has not been addressed. And most importantly as Joseph emphasizes; when the mid-life meridian begins to pass over from the noontime of youth into the later stages of life: “these symbols begin to change meaning” as well as context. A mid-life crisis is often a major call for a metamorphic transition into a new life; which I think Marianne’s post illustrated exceptionally well!