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Reply To: Talking with filmmaker Patrick Takaya Solomon about Finding Joe””


    As I was reading again through some of these special posts I was reminded of when I first “found Joe” when I came across the 6 part series: “Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth with Bill Moyers” in 1988 and how it affected me. I was experiencing an emotional and spiritual crisis that rocked my inner world to it’s very core; and one Sunday I came across the series being shown on Public Television and everything around me just stopped as if I were suspended in time!

    I couldn’t believe what I was hearing; (“Who was this guy?”); and all of a sudden the things he was saying began to give me answers to many of my deepest questions of who I was; what I had been looking for; and why. He was saying things in a language I could understand and the world around me began to make sense in a way that it never had before. He connected the dots between complex issues, themes, and ideas that had been inaccessible and unreachable before; and I knew from that moment on I had been changed. Changed not as some kind of religious converison; but as a thinking and reasoning adult who no longer would be satisfied with literal religious ideology that pertained to the meaning of the living of my life; but that I now had some tools to find many of these answers for myself.

    That was in 1988 and a new road had opened up for me. Books; films, lectures, and whatever I could find that had Joseph’s name on it I devoured; and then in 2006 I found the JCF website with it’s early version of CoaHO; and the journey got even deeper and wider and much more in depth with discussions pertaining to all kinds of subjects; some of which included the world of Jungian ideas and concepts that began to enter in to my understanding of Joseph’s themes. I began to unravel things within my personal life story that had been long buried deep in my past; and now the emotional alchemy of painful as well as positive life-altering change began to unfold; “and then the real work began”; not all of it pleasant! Over these last 30 some odd years I can only feel profound gratitude for the effect his ideas and work have had on my life; and looking back I would hate to imagine what my life would have been like without it.

    For many of you who have had a dark night of the soul; one that speaks like: “The night is dark and I am far from home” – Where am I going?; Where is my lighthouse? What am I looking for and how do I get there?; and What is this longing I keep feeling and where are the answers to my questions? I think his ideas more than ever now have tremendous relevance; but I can only speak for the importance they have had for me. But if you have been deeply affected by Joseph’s work over the years I’m sure each of you reading this may have your own moment you remember of a special connection to his ideas that made an important difference in your life.

    So I was thinking that in honor of this special event of this 30th Anniversary and Patrick’s wonderful film of: “Finding Joe” since it speaks so powerfully to these ideas; maybe along with some of your questions a few of you would feel like you would want to share some of your experiences such as: Patrick, Marianne, and Shaheda so movingly have? ( Just a thought to add to this discussion if anyone feels like it.)