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Reply To: Talking with filmmaker Patrick Takaya Solomon about Finding Joe””


I’d like to thank Patrick for spending time with us this week in Conversations of a Higher Order. In response to the unsettling events of this strange and surreal year, Patrick has generously made his film, Finding Joe, available to all (follow the link).
And feel free to check out other entries in our Mythological Resources database.

Patrick, a parting question, if you don’t mind – something simple, I trust. The children in your film were delightful! Where did you find them? (That’s a leading question . . . ) And could you share the details behind the party scene that graphically underscores the difference between “following your bliss” and hedonistic overindulgence? That was some mighty convincing acting!

I know you have a full plate at the moment, so thank you for taking the time out to play with us. You aren’t obligated to stick around, but don’t be surprised if this conversation continues in your absence, perhaps wandering down a few intriguing side roads.

Bliss On!