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Reply To: Academic journals


    Alex; welcome to the JCF Forums; aka CoaHO, or “Conversations of a Higher Order”. Stephen thoughtfully suggested this upcoming event awhile back; (although I can’t exactly remember where it was posted); and I accidentally stumbled across this listing for it late last night. Lately for me Jung’s theory of “Synchronicity”; or (meaningful chance) if you prefer; has been on my radar a lot as a subject I’ve been exploring within my own personal story. Sometimes our intuition tells us something about what we come across as a hint we need to be paying attention so I dove into the included information and this morning signed up for this “free event” which includes some of the cutting edge folks working in this field.

    After reading your post this event sounds like something you might really like. I’ll let Stephen explain the connection with Dennis Patrick Slaughtery on the Forums MythBlast series; and who some of these other people are. (From what you wrote I think this might be a very cool experience to have while exploring your subject as you go forward.) Namaste