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Reply To: Episode 3: The Functions of Ritual (recorded 1964)


When I first watched The Power of Myth on PBS, the one thing that resonated with me was the missing ritual for adolescents in our society. I still want, some twenty years later,  some sort of passage ritual for coming of age, especially after the school shootings that occur way too often. From what I understand, females have the onset of the menses which is a physical form of becoming a woman, yet I feel the psychological aspect is not there. Furthermore, males have menses but not as obvious physically except the growth of facial hair.
Joseph Campbell stressed the need to make useful citizens. He also said that celebrities are the new gods. Hence, self created social media influencers creating what young people aspire to be, predominantly materialistic wealth driven based not necessarily on hard work, skills or talent. Competition is fierce. Celebrity and other wealthy parents paying to get a cheater fraud to get their under achieving children into the best schools. Even though their children in some cases were already making money as influencers and had little interest in a higher education.

To add to the this material climate, some people are creating their reality with the belief of the laws of attraction. In the name of spirituality, the desires are the wish to have more things.
Really we are all just wanting to be happy and I’m glad meditation is coming into the forefront to increase joy without doing anything except turning inward.