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In 1996, the Joseph Campbell Foundation (JCF) launched its Mythological RoundTable® program. The program was an “umbrella” under which individuals in a given community could gather on a regular basis to examine, explore, and engage in conversation about mythological matters and concerns that were impacting their communities, to participate together in mythologically inflected local events, and to make free use of Joseph Campbell’s Intellectual Property in these pursuits.

Over the years, Mythological RoundTable® groups emerged across five continents. Some came and went, going inactive and eventually dissolving; others continue to flourish now, decades later.

Several dozen Mythological RoundTable® remain active today, although the COVID-19 pandemic has made it impossible for any of them to meet regularly as originally envisioned. Given that this situation will almost certainly prevail for the foreseeable future, JCF has decided now is an appropriate moment for us to sunset our Mythological RoundTable® program.

Therefore, while existing Mythological RoundTable® groups can and will continue to operate, albeit under changed circumstances, JCF will no longer be encouraging or supporting the creation of new groups.