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We’re so glad that you purchased one or more of our audio recordings! Let’s look at how to download and listen your recording on your device (phone, computer, tablet, or dedicated ebook reader).

First of all, in order to make the download process as quick and painless as possible, we enclose each lecture (which is usually made up of many tracks) in a ZIP archive. This unfortunately means that for most smart phone and tablet users, it is going to be easiest to download to a laptop or desktop computer first to unZIP the file before loading it onto your device. If you are only working on a phone, see below.


You’ll receive an invoice email from us with the link(s) to your downloadable material. To download the file, just click on the link!

You can also find all of your downloads by signing into your account on Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see your purchase history, with links to each download.

Opening on your computer

The file(s) that will download will be in ZIP archive format.

To open them on any computer — Windows, macOS, or Linux — just double-click.

The result will be a folder with the number and (usually) the title of the lecture.

Open the folder, and you’ll see the tracks that make up the recording.

Note that the tracks are numbered; we’ve also made sure that audio players will know the order.

Playing the audio on your computer

Once you have the tracks available, select all of them, and double-click (on Mac and Windows machines) or open the command line (on Linux machines). Your computer will load the files into the audio player app for your operating system:

  • For macOS, they will load into iTunes (or whichever app you have designated for playing MP3 files)
  • For Windows, they will will load into Windows Media Player (or whichever app you have designated for playing MP3 files)
  • For Linux, unless you have designated an GUI audio player, see these directions for playing your files

Once you’ve done that, the app should recognize all of the files as tracks in an “album” — just hit play, and it should play them in order.

Opening on your phone or tablet

To open the ZIP archive once it’s been downloaded to your device, follow the directions in the links below:

Playing your files on your phone or tablet

Once you’ve opened the archive, you should see the individual tracks. Select them and open them, and they should be imported into your audio player app of choice, and should play for you.