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Community Participation Guidelines

The following are guidelines for behavior within the JCF community (discussion forums, Facebook groups, etc.). We post them here in order to encourage a high level of civil discourse and mutual respect. If you don’t feel that you can abide by these guidelines, then we suggest that you find a different forum for discussing your thoughts on comparative mythology, psychology and religion. If you refuse to do so, we will ask you to leave. This is our last choice, since diversity of opinion is what the JCF community is all about.

  1. Respect others: Should the opinion of another associate spark your anger or scorn, rather than your spirit or mind, please take a deep breath and consider before posting an ungenerous response. Flaming, the online equivalent of ranting, can seem terribly gratifying in the short term, but it is a very ineffective form of communication.The same can be said of ad hominem attacks, wherein an associate who is unhappy with a fellow associate’s post attacks the colleague him- or herself, rather than discussing the ideas in the post that caused distress. If something an associate says makes you feel like you want to howl, please do it in the privacy of your own home. If a primal scream or two doesn’t clear your head, we strongly encourage you to take a page from kindergarten and take a time out – wait an hour, a day, however long it takes, until you can express your objections calmly and generously. If a conversation becomes particularly heated, a moderator may call for a temporary cease-fire; please respect this request and use the time to calm down and sort out your thoughts.
  2. Respect others’ opinions: These are conversations, not conversions. ‘Conversation’ comes from the Latin words con (‘with’) and verso (‘opposite’). We expect diverse opinions to be expressed in these forums, and welcome them. Remember, just because you disagree with what someone has to say doesn’t mean they don’t get to say it. Of course, it also doesn’t mean you have to agree; if you chose to express your disagreement, do refer to guideline #1, however.
  3. Come clear of mind: Granted, these are conversations of a “higher” order, but in addition to expanding the mind, certain substances (alcohol, marijuana, LSD, etc.) have been known to impair good judgment here on the Earth plane. We at the JCF would recommend that you keep a journal while under the influence and then later, when grounded more firmly in the field of time and space, make more rational determinations regarding what is appropriate to share in our forums.
  4. Respect this space: The Joseph Campbell Foundation is a US not-for-profit organization, and this site (and its social media groups) is part of our mission, continuing Mr. Campbell’s work of increasing the level of public awareness and public discourse with regards to comparative mythology. So please don’t try to sell non-mythology related items here – we reserve the right to delete your message if you do. Also, please do not spam these forums-that is, posting the same message in multiple conversations. If you do so, we will gleefully delete the repeated messages. Please note that these are the only ordinary circumstances under which we will delete a message. Your opinions are always welcome, but trash is not.
  5. Be polite: Most of our associates are fairly worldly, but they come from many different sets of cultural assumptions-indeed, they come from many different parts of the world. Please refrain from language whose only purpose is offense. If it helps, imagine your grandmother reading these forums-as perhaps she may, since other folks’ grandmothers are. Please don’t use any forms of expression that you feel would offend her ears. (Of course, one of our administrators’ grandmother could swear like a sailor.)We would like to add a note about links to sexually explicit sites and images–or the inclusion of sexually explicit material or images within the conversations. Please do not make sexually explicit posts within these forums, unless they are absolutely germane to the discussion underway–and even in that case, please try to warn readers at the top of your post. While we are, ourselves, very broadminded, not all associates have the same threshold when it comes to taking offense to language and pictures that are specifically sexual. If you feel the need to post a link to a non-JCF site or page that includes sexually explicit material, please include a clear advisory, so that our more sensitive (or underage) associates can make the informed decision whether to partake or not. NOTE: Under no circumstances will we condone the posting of links to sites that include child pornography, even inadvertently. We will request that such links be removed immediately, and will remove them ourselves if compliance is not forthcoming. Any Associate knowingly posting such links will be suspended immediately; we will forward a snapshot of the offending page, the web address and the associate’s contact information to the appropriate criminal authorities. This ain’t censorship, folks, it’s both an ethical and legal imperative, and we will act upon it.
  6. Be polite, even in private: Social media channels may include private messaging capabilities that form an invisible part of these forums is an invaluable place to share thoughts and questions that you don’t wish to make part of the public conversations. Unfortunately, there is also a certain level of potential risk in communicating with someone away from the protection of witnesses. Please remember that all of these guidelines are fully in force within the private messaging function, as in the conversations themselves. If an associate asks you to refrain from PMing him/her, please do so. Likewise, if you are told that you have offended an associate in a PM, either through language or an image that the associate found unacceptable, try to respect that associate’s boundaries, even if the offense was entirely inadvertent and a matter of different social mores. Remember, PMs are not like email, or even like the threaded conversations: unless you choose not to access your PMs at all, you don’t have the luxury of simply not looking at a post.If you are at the receiving end of an abusive PM–abusive, that is, either in its attitude or in its language–please, please contact one of the moderators or administrators. As difficult as it may be, try either to save the offensive PM, or at least to copy it and forward it to one of us before you erase it. If we are to help, it is very important–if not terribly pleasant–for us to see precisely what it is that caused offense, so that we can speak with the sender in specific terms. Every one of us has received at least one PM that could be classified as abusive. We will not judge you the worse for being the target of such a message.

    JCF is not responsible for any problem or harassment that is not brought to the attention of a forum moderator or administrator. Offending private messages should be quoted and sent a moderator for consideration of appropriate intervention.

  7. Converse: If you see behavior that you feel is contrary to the letter or spirit of these guidelines, please feel free to point it out in the conversation wherein the problem showed up. Also feel free to contact a moderator if you feel a fellow associate is acting inappropriately, or if you object to any of these guidelines – or even if you feel that we’ve overlooked something. Finally, if the problem is especially irksome to you, or if you wish to lodge your complaint anonymously, please use our contact form.

We thank you for the time you’ve taken to enhance your understanding of the quality of culture we are trying to develop here in our community.

With Warmest Regards,

The Joseph Campbell Foundation