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About the Foundation

Bringing Myth into the World…

fooJoseph Campbell Foundation (JCF) is on a mission to keep alive Joseph Campbell’s mythic vision. To date, that mission has included publishing sixteen hardcover books, multiple digital works, over seventy audio lectures, and more than seventeen hours of video.

JCF—a global community of artists, scholars, writers, educators, and questers—has organized conferences and workshops with a variety of institutions, fostered extensive and powerful online conversations.

Our Mission

The Joseph Campbell Foundation was incorporated in 1990 to…

1. Preserve, protect, and perpetuate the work of Joseph Campbell by:

  • Cataloging and archiving his works
  • Developing new publications based on his work
  • Directing the sale and distribution of his published works
  • Protecting copyrights to his works
  • Increasing awareness of his works by making them available in various digital & analog formats
2. Further his pioneering work in mythology and comparative religion by:
  • Promoting the study of mythology and comparative religion
  • Implementing and/or supporting diverse mythological education programs
  • Supporting and/or sponsoring events designed to increase public awareness
  • Donating Campbell’s papers to the New York Public Library and his personal library to OPUS Archive & Research Center
  • Making JCF’s website ( a forum for mythologically-informed cross-cultural dialogue
3. Help individuals enrich their lives by participating:
  • Globally in JCF’s Internet-based Associates Program
  • Periodically in various related activities that JCF undertakes
Joseph Campbell Foundation® is a US-registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation (Federal Tax I.D. #99-0285097). Please consult with your tax professional regarding deductibility.

FAQ: About the Joseph Campbell Foundation

Does JCF offer scholarships or other funding opportunities?

We do not. JCF is a small organization – despite its renown namesake and global footprint. It is a “working foundation,” meaning we earn our keep and neither solicit nor offer grants of any kind. JCF is, in fact, a virtual organization without any offices. We are kept operative mainly through the good efforts of a cadre of engaged volunteers scattered over several continents.

Will JCF publish my book?

No – JCF publishes only works written by Joseph Campbell.

Will you review the book I wrote?

We love to see the many ways that Joseph Campbell’s work continues to influence both creative works of fiction and scholarly non-fiction. However, as a very small organization, we simply do not have the bandwidth to provide the service of reviewing books or other creative works. In short:

  • Please do not send us a review copy of your book.
  • We do not read, review, endorse, or comment upon works not published by JCF.
  • Soon, we will be accepting public submissions to our Mythological Resources Database – a great place to share your work with other like-minded folks.