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Celebrating the work of Joseph Campbell

The Joseph Campbell Foundation invites you to experience the power of myth. This giving season, we are giving the ebook version of The Mythopoetic Impulse: Selected Essays from 2017–2022, by Bradley Olson, Ph.D., as our thank-you for all donations of $10 or higher. Thank you so much for supporting this work.


The Thought of the World

by Norland Téllez

“Till then, think of the world.” (Julius Caesar 2.2 line 319) As we turn to the closing of the year, it seems like that state of the world is the last thing we want to think about. And yet “the World,” the ultimate card of the major arcana, bids us go beyond our subjective fantasies in order to face the realities of the world—grim though they may be. For every violent event in the world can be read as the explosion of a certain repressed truth in the collective unconscious which is yet to be thought out. In the first…


Our gift to you this month is eSingle titled Envoy: No Horizons. Access this download for free until the end of the month.


II.2.4.09 – The Problem of Creative Mythology – an excerpt from this lecture.

The Thought of the World

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The Joseph Campbell Foundation is proud to announce the creation of the MythMaker℠ Podcast Network. We hope to further the conversation around the work of Joseph Campbell and myth.

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From A Joseph Campbell Companion: Reflections on the Art of Living

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Join us for a free, live webinar on December 9th to discuss Myth and Meaning, edited by Stephen Gerringer, as well as our new book, The Mythopoetic Impulse: Selected Essays from 2017- 2022, by Bradley Olson, Ph.D. The ebook version of The Mythopoetic Impulse is our gift to donors this giving season. We're excited to discuss both books with Stephen and Brad. 
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In this episode George Mumford sits down with Tyler Lapkin of the Joseph Campbell Foundation.

George Mumford's deeply moving personal story is unforgettable. An aspiring basketball player at the University of Massachusetts (where he roomed with Dr. J, Julius Erving), injuries forced Mumford out of the game he loved. The medications that relieved the pain of his injuries also numbed him to the emptiness he felt without the game and eventually led him to heroin.

After years of making meditation on and off the cushion the center of his life and getting clean, Mumford enrolled in Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program and collaborated with him to create the Inner-city Stress Reduction Clinic in the early nineties.

When Michael Jordan left the Chicago Bulls to play baseball in 1993, the team was in crisis. Coach Phil Jackson, a long-time mindfulness practitioner, contacted Dr. Kabat-Zinn to find someone who could teach mindfulness techniques to the struggling team—someone who would have credibility and could speak the language of his players. Kabat-Zinn led Jackson to Mumford and their partnership began.

Mumford has worked with Jackson and many of the teams he coached to become NBA champions. His roster of champion clients has since blossomed way beyond basketball to include corporate executives, Olympians, and athletes in many different sports.

To learn more about George, visit his website:

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From Thou Art That

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In the fourth episode of The Power of Myth,  Bill Moyers and mythologist Joseph Campbell discuss the role of sacrifice in myth. In this clip, the two discuss the need for all of us to find our sacred places in the midst of today’s fast-paced world. 
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