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Celebrating the Work of Joseph Campbell


Between the Summer of our Discontent and The Fall: Babel and Babble.

by Mark C.E. Peterson

September smuggles us across the Equinox, the border between Summer and The Fall. That phrase, The Fall, does a lot of work when you’re talking about a blasted Tower. And it’s important to consider that borders, all borders, are overseen by the God of War, Mars.  Where there’s a border, there’s a Tower. Sometimes the crossing is easy, sometimes it’s a mess.  Sometimes Border Patrol and Customs won’t let you bring your baggage across, and you have to leave everything behind. Any attempt to storm the gate can mean ruin.  This can be as true metaphorically as it is literally. …


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II.6.2.01 – Free Will – an excerpt from this lecture.

Between the Summer of our Discontent and The Fall: Babel and Babble.

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The Joseph Campbell Foundation is proud to announce the creation of the MythMaker℠ Podcast Network. We hope to further the conversation around the work of Joseph Campbell and myth.

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Our quote this week is from Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth with Bill Moyers. 
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In this bonus episode, Mystical Experience & The Hero Q&A, Joseph Campbell answers questions following the lecture that he gave with the same name from EP 25. The questions deal with the contrast of mystical experience in the east and west. Question topics include: the meaning and definition of samadhi, how an eastern mystic compares to the western mystic, how a mystic in the western world acts in relation to institutions, the meaning of atonement. It ends with Campbell giving a short introduction to the Hero's Adventure. It was recorded in 1967 at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.

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Joseph Campbell explores the difference between signs and symbols and how myths point past facts to the transcendent.

For more on kundalini yoga and the symbolism of the chakras, see Mythos: The Shaping of Our Mythic Tradition as well as The Inner Reaches of Outer Space: Mythology As Metaphor and As Religion.

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The Flight of the Wild Gander: A Skeleton Key Study Guide addresses Joseph Campbell’s ideas about the origins of myth and the enduring power of metaphor and symbols. Evans Lansing Smith, PhD, brings his expertise as a writer and teacher to this work, as well as his experience traveling with and learning from Joseph Campbell. Join Dr. Smith in following the footsteps of myth!

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