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Myth and Meaning webinar on December 9th

Join us for a free, live webinar to discuss Myth and Meaning, edited by Stephen Gerringer, as well as our new book, The Mythopoetic Impulse: Selected Essays from 2017–2022, by Bradley Olson, Ph.D. The ebook version of The Mythopoetic Impulse is our gift to donors this giving season. We’re excited to discuss both books with Stephen and Brad. Register today to save your spot.


The Thought of the World

by Norland Téllez

“Till then, think of the world.” (Julius Caesar 2.2 line 319) As we turn to the closing of the year, it seems like that state of the world is the last thing we want to think about. And yet “the World,” the ultimate card of the major arcana, bids us go beyond our subjective fantasies in order to face the realities of the world—grim though they may be. For every violent event in the world can be read as the explosion of a certain repressed truth in the collective unconscious which is yet to be thought out. In the first…


Our gift to you this month is eSingle titled Envoy: No Horizons. Access this download for free until the end of the month.


II.2.4.09 – The Problem of Creative Mythology – an excerpt from this lecture.

The Thought of the World

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The Joseph Campbell Foundation is proud to announce the creation of the MythMaker℠ Podcast Network. We hope to further the conversation around the work of Joseph Campbell and myth.

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From Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth with Bill Moyers.

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In this episode of Pathways entitled, "Erotic Irony & Mythic Form", Joseph Campbell gives an address to the student body of Sarah Lawrence College about mythology and the work of Thomas Mann. It was recorded on December 15th 1970. Host Bradley Olson gives an introduction and commentary after the lecture.

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"In one of the Upanishads it says, when the glow of a sunset holds you and you say 'Aha', that is the recognition of the divinity. And when you say ‘Aha’ to an art object, that is a recognition of divinity. And what divinity is it? It is your divinity, which is the only divinity there is. We are all phenomenal manifestations of a divine will to live, and that will and the consciousness of life is one in all of us, and that is what artwork expresses."
-Joseph Campbell

From The Mythic Dimension

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From Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth with Bill Moyers

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